The 5 Things You Need to Live Your Best and Biggest Life

If there’s anything you should know about me it’s that my biggest mission in life is to activate my fullest potential and help other people do the same. I have a vision for the kind of life I want to live and the kind of world I want to live in—and the way I see it, when you’re at your best, you can live your best and give your best to the world.

In all the years I’ve spent working as a therapist and teacher, I’ve learned a lot about what human beings need in order to become the best possible version of themselves and truly thrive. And as I’ve walked the path of my own healing and growth journey, I’ve gotten an even clearer sense of what it means to live with purposeful intention and manifest a vision. You can’t control life. You can’t make it fair or force it to favor you. But what you can do is move into mastery of yourself. And making that move is pretty much the best use of your time and energy; because when you gain self-mastery, you step into our fullest power and potential. To get into self-mastery mode, you need 5 very important things:

  1. Awareness – This is what happens when you pay attention on purpose with the intention to understand. Want to know a gloriously trippy fact about life? Your sense of reality is formed completely from the things you’re aware of; so basically, the more awareness you have, the bigger your world becomes. If you want to move into self-mastery, start cultivating awareness on purpose.

Ways to get it: Read, take on other people’s perspectives, try new things, travel, train yourself to look at things from multiple angles, self-reflect, write in a journal, go to therapy, meditate

  1. Alchemy – Technically, this word refers to a medieval practice of transforming and purifying certain materials, turning them into gold. But what I mean by it is the process of turning the struggles in your life into strengths. Spinning gold out of the sh*ttier parts, and extracting as much knowledge as possible out of every experience. By practicing alchemy with yourself, you not only get to transform the energy of your past experiences, you also get to utilize every aspect of your life to help you hone in on what you want and where you’re headed.

Ways to get it: Take time to process things as you go through them, look for the lesson in everything, choose to see how you have been (or can become) strengthened by the challenges you’ve faced, practice forgiveness and acceptance

  1. Alignment – This one’s all about walking the talk. It’s about being that which you say that you want. It’s about living in a way that clearly reflects who you are, what you value, what you want, and where you’re headed. Alignment is something you have to do on purpose. It’s an active choosing in an every-single-damn-day sort of way. Cool fact: The more awareness and alchemy you practice, the more aligned you get.

Ways to get it: Know your personal core values, ask yourself what you want on a super regular basis, set clear boundaries in your relationships (and honor them), eliminate things that put you out of touch with yourself, do more of what brings you joy

  1. Accountability – This might be the toughest thing to practice; but if you want to become your best, you can’t skip it. When you practice accountability, you take responsibility for yourself in a really important way. You recognize the role you play in your life, and you hold yourself to the standard of shifting and adjusting in response to your results. When you take responsibility for yourself, you tap into your ultimate power.

Ways to get it: Be your word, own your sh*t, ask for feedback about how you’re showing up

  1. Action –Please listen carefully to what I’m about to say: If you want your best life, you have to go out there and get it. You have to live on purpose, with purpose. You have to put in the damn work. So, if you want to become the best and brightest version of yourself, be active in the process of creating your life. Seek growth. Live in gratitude. Attract light by being light. And, most importantly, give generously from the abundance you receive.

Ways to get it: Set goals and intentions, follow through on them, find the tribe that’s on your vibe, practice gratitude, be the change you wish to see, volunteer, show grace and generosity to everyone you encounter


Want to learn more about how you can work these things into your life? Send me a message, or poke around on the Services section of the site. I’ve designed a 1-on-1 coaching method built on this 5-pillar framework, and new programs are in the works as we speak. Let’s connect and get you to your best life!