Are you interested in having a healthy and happy life? Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling inspired and grateful to be alive? Do you want your relationships to thrive? Do I even have to ask you any of this? Of course you want those things! We all do. And that’s why the global wellness industry has grown to be worth over $4.2 trillion! More and more, the desire to feel well and live well is driving people to fork over many a hard-earned dollar for everything from organic produce to Tibetan retreats. And that’s a pretty incredible thing. Good for us for realizing that our wellbeing matters! Good for us for recognizing that life feels a whole lot more meaningful when we carry out our days in the pursuit of our full potential! But here’s the thing: wellness doesn’t have to be complicated or come with a high price tag. In fact, all you need to become a well-oiled wellness machine is intention, some effort—cuz nothing that’s worth it comes easy, amiright?—and a little bit of knowledge about the wellness essentials. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Basically, wellness consists of 8 dimensions:  


The ability to cope effectively with what life throws your way. The awareness of what you’re feeling when you’re feeling it, and the confidence in knowing that you can manage what you’re experiencing and ask for help when you need it.


The experience of being connected to your environment—which includes everything from your home, to your workplace, to the planet. The awareness that taking care of your environment and contributing positively to it makes a positive difference for you and everyone around you. 


The ability to meet your basic needs. A sense of satisfaction with your finances, regardless of how much you make or own. The confidence that comes with understanding your finances and having a plan for the future.


An ongoing desire to keep learning and growing by gaining new knowledge and information, and developing new skills and interests. A willingness to maintain an open mind and adopt new perspectives so you can understand other people, and the world around you, more clearly. 


A sense of personal satisfaction with your work. The willingness to work with intention and purpose, regardless of what you might be doing. The feeling that the work you do is a meaningful contribution. 


A commitment to staying healthy by eating nutritive, life-sustaining foods and regularly exercising. An ongoing connection to your body that’s maintained through things like personal hygiene, healthy physical touch, movement, and rest. 


A sense of being connected to others and being part of a collective. The presence of a support system in your life. The feeling that you matter to other people, and the awareness that other people matter to you. 


A unique and ever-evolving sense that life is meaningful, and that you have a purpose in being here. A sense of connection to the beliefs, values, and morals that guide you. A feeling that you can find peace or connection in something beyond yourself. 


Get familiar with these 8 dimensions of wellness, and start taking stock of where you’re thriving (so you can celebrate that!), and where you can bring more attention and intention. If you scan the list and see that certain dimensions aren’t all that optimal for you, set clear intentions and small daily goals to help you boost those areas of your life. Little by little, one day at a time, you’ll start cultivating more wellness and wellbeing. Who knew you could be a wellness warrior without needing to drink turmeric lattes or buy $200 stretchy pants?!

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